About me

I am an educated programmer, but my career took an unexpected turn when I received an employment offer as an account manager at SmartFocus, one of the world’s leading SaaS email marketing platforms. I received a solid education in email marketing and got to work at a strategic level with some of Scandinavia’s largest brands. My technical knowledge came well in hand for this position.

After SmartFocus, I got an employment at a startup agency, Epteca, working in the travel industry. Epteca is improving the relevancy of information and service offering by sending very timely and highly relevant communications to the travelers after the point of booking. Together with the CEO of the company, we drew and implemented the entire system architecture starting from a white piece of paper. After 2 years at Epteca, I started my own company, and today I have 12 years work life experience, and returning customers, among these ones are of course Epteca.

I like being a creative and driving part of a team, especially in projects where the result is easily measurable. There are few occasions where I feel prouder than when a project I've been working on provides vast benefits for the client.
However, I do acknowledge that certain companies or projects doesn't need thinking people, but simply resources that "do" the specified work. I see this as completely natural, and I am comfortable working as a thinker and/or doer in projects.

Satisfied customers are returning customers: and will even recommend you to others. This is the way I want to market myself.

For more information, please read my CV or visit me on LinkedIn below.

Core knowledge

I am initially a programmer with focus on web development. My primary focus in Microsoft technologies, such as C#.Net & MSSQL. Since 2010, I've got into retention marketing, and having worked at a strategic level with some of Scandinavia’s largest companies as well as being the system architect for a successful company focusing on that area, I feel confident to say that my core knowledge is a mixture of profitable retention marketing strategies as well as a strong technical knowledge.

A brief summary of my core knowledge:

  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Retention marketing strategy, with special focus on email marketing
  • Strong commercial understanding, weighting cost vs quality
  • Automation of marketing, processes etc
  • Data integrations, data mining and profiling
  • Brainstorming of new functionality as well as implementation of such
  • Very good knowledge in the travel industry

Areas of use

With 12 years’ experience and after having worked as an account manager and helped over 50 different companies at a strategic level with email marketing, as well as having worked several years as a freelance IT consultant for several companies in a mix of long and short projects, I have seen how various companies work, both large and small.

Many consultants are too focused on delivering what they like to deliver and can lose focus on the actual project. Quality is expensive, and not always worthwhile. I can deliver high quality solutions, a quick & dirty fix, or something in between, depending on what is right for the clients' needs. "Less is more" is often a very good way to get started.

For the best value, I should be placed as a bridge between IT, sales/marketing and management - where the main focus is towards IT. I understand money, and if you place me close to them, I'm sure I will beatify your bottom line!