The cooperation with eBay (DBA, Bilbasen, Bilinfo) started 2016 when they needed a person to assist with their daily routines for email marketing. As they use SmartFocus, I was a pretty obvious choice for them.

Shortly after getting started, the cooperation was expanded with various data integrations as well as automations and other features in order to improve the relevancy and profitability of the communications.

eBay is still today a very active customer, and it's a cooperation that surely is going to last a long time.

Epteca is an agency that sends super targeted and relevant emails to [traveling] customers from various companies selling airline tickets and hotels after the point of purchase. These communications contain a mixture with handy information, weather conditions at the location, as well as some targeted products that may be useful for the travelers.

The cooperation started in 2011 as an employment, and together with the CEO of the company, draw the very first lines of the system architecture on a blank piece of paper.

A tiny sign that their concept is successful is that their response rate is 2-3x higher than industry average. For example, the average open rate of emails is 15-25%; Epteca: 75 - 85%!!
This testifies about the importance of relevancy towards the customers, and truly target the information, and a lot of Epteca’s success is very likely a huge part of why I love my niche in retention marketing!

Today, Epteca does their business from a very nice and spacey office in central Zug, Switzerland, and I'm of course very glad to see things are going well for them.

Danads offers a system for purchasing ads in newspapers and other media, which simplifies the process and manual labor by the publisher.

My challenge was to restructure their backend solution, both APIs, database and information flows, in order to meet the future needs of a growing organization. I handled the backend, and another developer handled all frontend related work.

As I'm writing this, Danads has 7 offices in various countries in the world.